The ultimate fitness program

BOUNCE FIT trampoline fitness classes offer an hour-long structured exercise regime that’s supercharged with all the benefits of rebound exercise. We’ve introduced three brand new, different class types, involving high-intensity, low-impact cardio workouts that will blast your core, improve all-over muscle tone and lift your heart rate!
The opposite of a gruelling ordeal, our classes are all about high spirits and awesome soundtracks. Most of all, it makes you smile, laugh and is great FUN!

BOUNCE FIT redesigned

and enhanced

Enjoy the unique benefits
of trampoline exercises

BOUNCE FIT classes bring a lot of benefits to your cardio, muscle tone and your mind.
See why below:

“10 minutes jumping on a trampoline corresponds to a 30 minute run” – NASA

Some examples of movements you’ll do during a BOUNCE FIT class

Tons of FUN!

Mafalda was bored of the gym and  looking for something different. After one year of BOUNCE FIT classes, this is what she has to say.



Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays:

All classes are 60 minutes long


Monthly Full Access 
Access to all classes
Access to all Friday Super Sessions


How to enroll?

You can buy the montly full acess at our online store or at the venue. Singles classes can be bought through our booking system.

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