Business EVENTS

The whole space is available to explore – from Performance Trampolines for aspiring athletes, to the Big Bag for people who like to play hard but land soft. The entire team can cut loose in the Free Jump arena or split up and battle for bragging rights in a Dodgeball tournament.


Hosted & UN HOSTED GroupS

Our group activities offer a fun filled hour where groups are rotated around the venue accessing all that BOUNCE has to offer including Dodgeball, Free-Jump, X-Park, Slam Dunk, Performance area and the Big Bag.

You can choose between Hosted or Un Hosted for your business event.

There’s also the possibility of having a private room so you can develop some team building activities or simply have a place to socialize after jumping.

Team building

BOUNCE team building sessions are a way for teams to build upon their social and interpersonal skills in a fun and engaging environment. The active and non-intimidating platform allows individuals to comfortably tap into themselves and each other in an all-inclusive team experience, filled with lots of discovery and fun.

A trained referee will run the experience!

You’ll have access to a private room to rest or refuel your energy with one of our catering options.



Transform our awesome venue into your own party place – Ideal for fundraisers, launch events, celebrations and more. BOUNCE events are healthy, different and will leave you smiling and laughing like a big kid!

CHristmas Parties

The Christmas party that no one in your company will forget! Perfect for adults and kids. Everybody has fun while we take care of everything!