team building Sessions

EMPOWER Team Building Sessions are 2-hour facilitated workshops designed to unlock the power of individuals, and harness that power for the collective benefit of a team or group.
The sessions are equally effective for corporate teams, sports clubs and school groups.

Choose one of the following workshops:

Unleash your
free spirit

This team building workshop helps individuals shake off personal stereotypes and inhibitions in a fun environment that allows everyone to connect with their authentic selves.

BOUNCE staff will help to create an environment with no hierarchy that allows the group to benefit from what’s possible when each member feels comfortable to let go.

One tribe, one vibe

This team building workshop creates a team platform that improves the dynamics required for achieving success together. It’s about getting to know one another while having fun, and creating meaningful connections in a pressure-free and healthy environment.

Note: This workshop session is particularly powerful for building trust whitin teams.

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