FLight Academy

The Flight Academy program are trampoline classes designed for all skill levels.
Whether you’re a beginner learning techniques and trying to land your first front sault, or an advanced jumper trying to master those doubles, twists and layouts, Flight Academy is for you!

The trampoline classes are for ages 7 and up and for any skill level.

Challenge gravity

and learn to fly!

Our Flight Academy trampoline classes are adapted to any skill level. You can be a total newbie or a pro.
See here two examples of what you can learn:

for the “newbies”

For the pros

The coaches

Our team is not only awesomely fun, they are also extremely competent in gymnastics.
Get to know the Flight Academy’s coaches that will teach you everything.

Rúben Esteves

Rúben Soares

Ricardo Barreto

Eduardo Botelho


Tuesdays and Thursdays
6pm and 7pm

Saturdays and Sundays

All classes are 60 minutes long


Monthly Full Access 
Access to all Flight Academy classes (limit: 1 per day)
Access to all Friday Super Sessions


How to enroll?

You can buy the montly full acess at our Online Shop and singles classes through our booking system.

Do you need help?

Start a conversation on our CHAT
Call us at 212 698 400
send an email to [email protected]