Classes for prescholers

miniBOUNCE is a fantastic program especially designed for children in the pre-school age group. The children will have fun on the trampolines while developing physical and motor skills. The program involves a series of fun games, activities and exercises that will physically energize the toddlers while giving them a multi-sensory experience that will stimulate their imagination.

While playing, the children will learn the basic movements and control of jumping on a trampoline. Allowing children to improve cognitive functioning and motor skills whilst simultaneously improving strength, balance and agility.

The staff

Our miniBOUNCE coaches have been hand-picked for this program because they’re highly qualified, they genuinely love working with kids.



Mondays and Wednesdays


All classes are 60 minutes long

Monthly Full Access 
Access to all classes
Access to all Friday Super Sessions



You can buy the montly full acess at our loja online or at the venue. Singles classes can be bought through our booking system.

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