Terms & Conditions

Fly & Jump – Unipessoal Lda, commercial society, supplier of recreational services, dedicated to gym and leisure activities, birthday party organization and general events planner, holder of the BOUNCEinc Portugal brand and from now on designated as such, hereby asks all costumers to read carefully the present document before purchasing tickets, since the purchase validates the acceptance of these terms and conditions:

  1. The use of the facilities, namely the arena, implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions referred in this document.
  2. The arena* can only be used by persons with the minimum age of 3 years old and maximum weight of 120kg (recommended).
  3. Children under 12 years of age can only use the arena if accompanied and supervised by an adult who assumes full responsibility for them.
  4. Some areas of the arena are only allowed to persons taller than 125cm.
  5. Persons under 110cm can only use the arena on specific times reserved for that purpose.
  6. BOUNCEinc Portugal will ask for a valid ID document whenever necessary.
  7. The users of the arena cannot be sick or have medical instructions that advise against the use of BOUNCEinc Portugal. a) For safety reasons pregnant woman, people with any type of cast, or with other visible health problems or physical condition, cannot use the arena. b) In case of doubt please contact your physician.
  8. In the arena is forbidden the use of necklaces, earrings, metal bracelets and others or clothing with metals.
  9. BOUNCEinc Portugal reserves the right of admission and can ask the exit from the premises of any person who endangers the safety of himself or others including the staff of BOUNCEinc Portugal, or disrespects the functioning rules of the premises, who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or has any inappropriate behavior or a behavior against the law. 
  10. The purchasing of tickets is subject to previous reservation and availability of dates. 
  11. Tickets are property of BOUNCEinc Portugal. 
  12. The services can only be used in accordance with the conditions of the reservation that was made, namely in regards of the identification and number of persons. The person who made the reservation is responsible for such fulfillment. 
  13. Tickets, reservations and passes are not subject to refund, and cannot be transferred, exchanged or returned. 
  14. Tickets and reservations are only valid for the date showed and are null if tampered with. The same applies to the passes. 
  15. If you purchase a ticket on behalf of other person or persons, both/all agree and accept the present terms and conditions.
  16. The ticket, reservation or pass only gives access to the arena, with exclusion of any other services or products, such as food, beverages, personal equipment to use the arena, parties and events and photography or video recording services, except if added and paid separately. 
  17. It is not allowed to bring food and beverages to the premises of BOUNCEinc Portugal. 
  18. Unpacked food products, once chosen and delivered are considered purchased; exchanges or returns are not allowed. 
  19. The clothing, goods and merchandising products cannot be exchanged, nor returned, without prejudice of the Warranty Law. 
  20. For promotional and security effects the customers authorize e being photographed and that images are captured for videos, as well as from their children and other minors at their responsibility. 
  21. The arena can only be accessed after the user is duly identified and after express authorization from BOUNCEinc Portugal agents. 
  22. The use of the arena by pass holders is subject to availability and to authorization provided by the agents of BOUNCEinc Portugal at that moment. 
  23. The user of the arena obliges to strictly comply with all signs and instructions given on site by BOUNCEinc monitors and to cease the activity whenever they require it. 
  24. The user is always responsible for any damages that he causes to third parties, to himself, or to the facilities during the course of his activity. 
  25. The use of the BOUNCEinc Portugal premises and equipment provided may cause health damages, damages to physical integrity (namely serious injuries or permanent disability) or to life (can cause death) of the respective users, although BOUNCEinc Portugal takes all the measures to minimize those risks. 
  26. The client and/or user is aware of the referred risks and excludes any responsibility from BOUNCEinc Portugal, its staff, directors and agents for damages caused by his/her activity in the premises, assuming full responsibility for them, renouncing to any legal actions that may be provided to him/her by law. 
  27. BOUNCEinc Portugal can incur in medical expenses and of any emergency aid to any user, who will be obliged to the reimbursement of these expenses. 
  28. BOUNCEinc Portugal is not responsible for damages, losses, stolen items, disappearance of clients’ goods inside the premises. 
  29. Animals are not allowed in the premises, except assistance dogs. 
  30. It is not allowed to smoke in the premises. 
  31. This establishment has a complaint book and a compliments’ book. 
  32. Each product and/or service has unique access conditions.
  33. The use of anti-slip BOUNCE socks is mandatory in the access to the arena, with exception of wall trampolines/wallrunning (Performance Area), BOUNCE FIT classes and other activities designated by BOUNCEinc Portugal. 
  34. Once the reservation time is reached, it is not possible to make any changes to it.
  35. All reservations, tickets and passes purchases demand the full payment in the moment of the purchase / acquisition. Payment can be made via our secure check out pages using your credit or debit card. Your card will be debited at the moment you place your order and receive confirmation. 
  36. Family Tickets are entrances for 4 family members, being mandatory the presence of 1 adult but only 2 adults are allowed. 
  37. Tickets for students, named Student Sessions, are entrances for all those who have a valid student identification. The schedule and access conditions are subject to the characteristics of the program in force. 
  38. The access to the arena is allowed until the maximum capacity defined per hour is reached. 
  39. BOUNCEinc Portugal has a policy for online shopping that can be read at www.bounceinc.pt or www.bouncepopup.pt. 
  40. BOUNCEinc Portugal has a privacy policy that can be read at www.bounceinc.pt. 
  41. The Invalidity or impracticability of any of the conditions and terms above referred does not preclude the application of the remaining.

* area inside BOUNCEinc Spain space where all the trampoline activities are available.